Role: Co-Creative Director, Project Manager, Illustrator, Designer, Website builder
Agency: Rebellious
Co-Creative Director: Cailin W. Carlile
Chef Sara Hauman’s unique tinned sea treat recipes are made with exclusive and unexpected varieties of seafood, sustainably sourced from the cool waters of the Pacific Northwest!

Check out the tinned goodies here!
In order to evoke the spirit of the Pacific Northwest outside experience, the brand is rooted in a cartoony representation of bears, raccoons, fish, and other fun friends. The visual identity was inspired by the nostalgia of Spongebob and the imagery of Japanese mascots.
The brand included a robust series of illustrations to wrap around each box. Even the insides of the boxes feature a peek into the tiny fish’s world. Each one of the tinned fish boxes has the same base elements as the next, but with different characters going about their everyday lives. Once the tin is taken out of the box, you can peer inside to see what the characters are up to in their little world. Every different type of tinned fish comes with a pun that is revealed to you as you open it as well.   
We also helped Tiny Fish Co. come up with a line of fun merch to go with the rest of the products. Custom illustrations were made to have the same silly feel as the boxes and website.
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